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How many pictures will we receive?

For a one hour session I deliver anywhere from 50-200 images.

What’s the best time to have a session?

All my outdoor sessions are either just before sunrise or just before sunset. This is called golden hour. In the summer this can be quite late in the evening so if you're worried about bedtimes I recommend a woodsy location with lots of shade so we can work earlier in the day.

Can we see a full gallery?

Absolutely! Actually if you find the menu bar you can click on "Clients"
and it will lead you to my latest full galleries.

How should we dress for our family session?

Wear what you're comfortable and confident in. Aim for neutrals and pick natural fiber materials that move with you, such as linen, cotton, and wool.

Do you do weddings?

Unfortunately, I no longer offer weddings.

What kind of newborn photography do you do?

I offer lifestyle newborn sessions. Meaning, I come to your home and photograph your life with your newborn. That could mean cozy on the couch, breastfeeding/bottles, bath times, sleepy cuddly naps, but overall just you interacting with your precious little babe. I do not do wrapping or use props.