this is us. photo by @katieskinnerphotography


My name is Sandra. I live out in Yankee Springs, Michigan. If you haven't heard of it, it's pretty great for a nice hike or floating around on a kayak.

I became a professional photographer about 6 years ago now. But started playing around with photography about 10 years ago. My photography journey started out with LOTS of amazing weddings and sessions. I have met so many incredible people who were clients, family and friends of clients, and other incredible photographers in the industry.

I absolutely love creating art and I crave creating all kinds of magic with my clients.

When it comes to the personal me I am a mom of one and wife (photo of our silliness above). Once my daughter was old enough to attend school we decided it would be pretty cool to homeschool her. So currently I am a lifestyle portrait photographer and nature loving homeschooling mom. And I LOVE it!

I am an inclusive photographer who is stoked to capture ALL love stories! I feel it is so important to let you all know that so you know you're safe here.

My photography is definitely more natural or lifestyle. Nature is my jam so if you're willing to get your feet dirty and capture some magic then lets hang out and make some cool art! I am trying to get away from "everyone stare at the camera and smile at me" and more of connection, emotion and storytelling. I want your photoshoot to have feeling. So if you're cool with that I'd absolutely love to make some magic together!